A Christ-Centered

Leadership Development Firm


that grows your profitable Spirit-Led Business with a tailored strategy, expert coaching, and God's blueprint.


I coach established Christ-Centered Female Entrepreneurs into more focus, faith, impact, and profits.

Your Obedience Unlocks Abundance

Those ideas, dreams, and plans that keep your mind racing are yours to create wealth and advance God's Kingdom.


Nothing makes up for not knowing HOW to own your value, monetize your gifts,

and create a profitable business that glorifies Him.


Even ordered steps feel insecure when you're distracted and overwhelmed. 


You don’t have to feel stuck when He's equipped you with everything you need to grow your business.   

You can grow a profitable Spirit-Led business using every gift in your hand and the strategies I want to share with you.

I help established Christ-Centered Female Entrepreneurs radically transform in three ways :

  • Mindset 
  • Sales  
  • Leadership 

It took me 7 years to trust God with my business because I doubted His instruction to pivot.


It doesn't have to take you that long.


I doubted whether I was qualified to receive His promises.

My doubt left me stressed and depressed. My disobedience caused delay. 


Once I dared to trust God, a yielded Yes changed my business and life.


It's how I've coached hundreds of Christ-Centered Female Entrepreneurs to unlock abundance in their businesses with obedience and strategy.


It's how I can help you ease the holy agitation that keeps your mind racing and turn it into focus, clarity, and profitability.


You're right about that tension that rises in your chest when you've exhausted all that you know to do, yet always feel almost there—it's a void.


Not a void that speaks to your capability.

It's the space that God left open for you to

partner with a Spirit-led coach who...

  • Empowers with Empathy 

  • Leads with Integrity

  • Is Anointed, Called & Credentialed

  • Has a Proven Track Record

  • Yields to the Holy Spirit

You deserve to boldly and confidently work with ideal high-end clients and get paid well for the value you bring.

Althea showed me how to be a Spirit-led Sales leader. I had a $22,000 month from sending one email to a small email list and only working six days! She's an answered prayer. Before, I was leaving so much on the table by being passive and vague. Now I know exactly what to say to serve my clients and get sales by being direct and confident.

Ash Nicole, Founder and Copywriter of Genesis Studio 

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